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What we do

OnSiteIMS provides flexible pre-build, construction phase and post-build collaboration solutions across all disciplines. Utilising online and mobile software and hardware infrastructure options for Clients, Developers, Project Managers, Architects, Consultants and Contractors, allowing the creation, channeling and management of all contract related information, documentation and actions through one digital platform. OnSiteIMS is designed to reduce complexity, increase accountability and streamline key processes in real-time.

We pride ourselves in solving industry challenges while eliminating risks and improving financial returns for any development.

Our Approach

OCS guarantees that the collaboration goals of the contract are met, by ensuring the provided systems are successfully integrated and supported on an ongoing basis. Providing an Information Consultancy Service to Clients, as part of the package, including 6 day a week online, telephonic and call-out support and fortnightly presence in site meetings, to ensure feedback, alignment with dynamic contract needs and evolving contract specific requirements.

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  • All contract related information through one platform
  • Monitor projects from any location
  • Manage quality and inspection processes in real-time
  • Manage documentation remotely
  • Automate and streamline key processes
  • Ensure best practice
  • Reduce complexity, increase accountability and transparency
  • Reduce risk and improve financial returns
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