Current Projects

FNB Bank City

Pritchard Street, Bank City, Johannesburg

The bank’s R460-million investment was a clear expression of confidence in the inner city of Johannesburg and in the country’s future. 

Now providing office space for 7 800 of FNB’s 28 000 employees, Bank City offers the facilities that FNB needs to maintain its focus on technology, efficiency and innovation for its 6.5 million customers. 

Client: Eris Property Group, First National Bank

Address: Pritchard Street, Bank City, Johannesburg

Type: Commercial (Offices)

R460 million

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Foreshore Place

City Centre, Cape Town, South africa

R400 Million

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335 Place

Accra, Ghana

US $45 million

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SU Tower

Accra, Ghana

US $43,1 million

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Fincorp Swaziland

Swaziland, South Africa

E 92,4 Million

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FNB Palace Parkade

JHB Central, FNB Bank City, SA

R 250 million

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FNB 1066 Refurbishment

35 Pritchard St, Johannesburg, SA

ZAR 250 million

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Johannesburg Forensic Pathology Laboratory (JFPL) – Helen Joseph Hospital

Johannesburg, South Africa

R 500 million

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Standard Chartered Bank Headquarters

Accra, Ghana

US$ 44 million | R593 million

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Steve Tshwete Hospital, Middelburg

Middelburg, South Africa

R 800 million

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