The analogue systems that you’ve been forced to use and implement, have been beneficial, for sure.

However, we’ve all been ignoring one fundamental question.

“How much longer are you really willing to work like this?"

You’ve heard of at least one of these industry specific construction collaboration systems.

Sceptical? - Don’t be. Rather ask yourself a few questions...

Can technology replace dispute with agreement?

What about avoidance with accountability?

Even incompetence with completeness?

OnSiteIMS was birth from the from a 15 year joint venture with top tier UK software company.

We’ve marked a turning point in the African construction industry by enhancing, (some would argue by replacing) entire standard building practices.

By utilising multiple devices on one centralised database, we digitise, distributes and tracks all building related information to provide integrated collaboration to all management levels.

Enjoy a secure convenience with our 24 Solution Modules designed specifically to tackle all your prevalent issues while being supported by our technical support and online training teams.

It is through the awareness of your requirements that our system enables you to build with greater speed and accuracy.

- John Haefele
   Founder of OnSiteIMS

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