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NEW: Contractor Quality Assurance module

Posted on May 2, 2013

OCS has added a new “Contractor Quality Assurance” module.

OnSiteIMS now provides its 23rd Module, The Contractor Quality Assurance module. This module allows for members of the Main Contractor Team the ability to use the OnSiteIMS Mobile Application on their phones or tablets to issue and manage Contractor Quality Assurance items internally within their Team with photo attach ability. The OnSiteIMS Mobile Application allows issuing of QA items by the Main Contractor QA Officer with “Trade” and “Defect” choice drop downs which contain all referenced trades and defect descriptions with associated QA Ref codes auto linked.

The system also allows for QA Reports to be automatically generated on submission of every QA inspection done.

New functionality released:

  • Add new snags and keep track of progress through action by using the “Contractor Quality Assurance” module.
  • Picture Orientation. Automatically rotates the pictures to be the right side up.
  • Web Browser compatibility issues fixed.
  • We are currently busy with a total revamp of the User Interface. Watch this space.

If you require any help, please give us a call.