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OCS provides OnSiteIMS Collaboration for new client Howard & Chamberlain

Posted on September 1, 2013

A new Namibian Development was launched this week using the OnSiteIMS Online Collaboration Solution for the Architects and Principal Agents “Howard and Chamberlain Architects” of Namibia.

The Project is utilizing the OnSiteIMS ‘ProjectPro’ Solution, with specific modules for the remote issuing and management of Contractual Instructions, RFI’s and Drawings, and others, allowing effective remote management and collaboration of projects and teams separated by long distances.

The OnSiteIMS Online Drawing Register allows Consultants to remote issue digital drawing files (any format) into the real-time Drawing Register, and allows the automated tracking of both the printing and the distribution drawing. The Printing is carried out by a 3rd Party Printing Company located near the Building site in Namibia.

Drawing transmittal to the 3rd Party Printing company is instant, allowing the printer a set time frame to print off and deliver the drawings to site. Each drawing uploaded is tracked separately until it is confirmed as received on site by the Contractors Drawing Office. All of which is carried out and managed online and in real-time.

The instant reporting options allow management to obtain a real-time snap-shot of drawing delivery status on site.

OnSiteIMS can be setup to cater for the following Drawing Management Strategies:

  • No print / delivery tracking required – Register used for sharing for design purposes only
  • Printing & Delivery by Relevant Consultant
  • Printing & Delivery by 3rd Party Printing Company
  • Printing on site by a site-based plotter


Howard & Chamberlain Architects (H&CA) is a vibrant company specializing in Architecture, Project Management, and Development.


H&C strives to provide professional service of the highest standards in both design and construction, optimizing the value of their client’s developments. H&CA is active across the full spectrum of Architecture, Project Management and development, from the creation of new buildings, refurbishment of old buildings, interior design, feasibility studies, assistance with financial strategies, Urban Design, Project Management and cost control during construction.