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OnSiteIMS Mobile due for release mid 2016

Posted on July 31, 2015

The OnSiteIMS developers are hard at work on the 2015 Mobile Application due for release by end Sept 2015.

With development progress currently at 60% complete to deadline and on programme, the new 2015 OnSiteIMS Mobile™ App will bring OnSiteIMS Online™ functionality for inspection, quality and list management onto any iOS, Android and Windows 8/10 device come end September 2015.


Being the 1st Phase of the anticipated 2015 rollout allowing integration of OnSiteIMS Online™ modules into a cross platform mobile app for use on all 3 mobile OS providers (iOS, Android and Windows), this release will allow any member on any project using the OnSiteIMS™ Collaboration Platform the ability to work by Mobile device while on or off the building site.