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OnSiteIMS ProjectControl Platform

Posted on April 6, 2012

New drop and drag functionality

OCS has recently released a new Drag and Drop file upload feature on its Online Platform utilizing the latest in HTML 5 file drag-drop API specification.

This will enable faster upload of multiple files into the OnSiteIMS system by simply dragging the desired file or group of files s from its current location on your computer to the “Drop” location on the OnSiteIMS online interface.

To supplement this feature, a new completion bar has been added to ensure you are always aware of the progress of each multiple upload. This feature has been added to all modules of the OnSiteIMS Online System.

Functionality review:

Drag and Drop Upload Functionality
When uploading a document you can simply drag the desired documents from you desktop PC, or the folder where the documents are located, to the “Drop” location provided under the attachment section.

Upload progress and status
The system indicates the progress of each upload via a status bar per individual file uploaded.
Allowing multiple large file uploads simultaneously with progress summary of each.

File upload completion and display
When the upload is complete the system automatically thumbnails all attachments allowing the user to page through the document to review it without having to download the file.