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OnSiteIMS online collaboration launches this coming month on “West Hills Mall – Phase 2” – Accra, Ghana

Posted on March 1, 2015

The 1st phase of the new West Hills Mall Development, in Accra, Ghana, constructed at a cost of $93 million, opened for business on 30th October 2014.

The mall, which is jointly owned by Delico Property Development Limited and the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), is a 37 500sq.m. retail development housing over 65 line shops with two supermarket major tenants.

Because of the overwhelming success of the Phase 1 of the project with all 27,500 square metres of lettable space fully let, the Board of West Hills Mall has approved a Phase 2 which will add another 12,154 square metres to the facility – making it about twice the size of Accra Mall in its current state. Adding 27 shops, including one anchor tenant and 580 more car parking bays, to bring West Hills Mall’s total parking capacity to 1,725.

The West Hills Mall Phase 2 Project Team will be utilizing the OnSiteIMS™ Collaboration Platform as successfully used on Phase 1.

The OnSiteIMS™ Collaboration Platform brings the following benefits to the Project, not previously possible and specifically setup, in this case, for long distance projects –

  • An online platform for the sharing of all project related information, documents, drawings, actions, requests, QA and Contractual Completion. Replaces “Dropbox”, “FTP” and other with a contractually founded and reliable interface.
  • Handle large files of any format. Tracks read/write/edit on all entries and tracks and stores all previous revisions.

  • Remote issuing of Contract / Site Instructions – issued via IMS digitally online, replacing the CI hard copy book. Allows Authorization of CI’s prior to formal issue and immediate transparency.

  • Remote issuing of all Drawings on the Project, whether for Design, Information or Construction, providing a real-time online Drawing Register for all disciplines to upload drawings into. Drawings can be issued from ones laptop from anywhere. In order to get the drawing to site all Consultants must upload to the system. The online drawing register is the ONLY drawing Register for the project and is always up to date.

  • Issue instructions and drawings to site from anywhere in the world. No need to travel to site to issue contractually.
  • Online tracking of all Drawings issued w.r.t Print / delivery status of each. Manage and track the following-:
    • Printing and Delivery by Consultant
    • Printing on site using Site Based Plotter
    • Printing and Delivery by a 3rd Party Printing Company situated near the site.
  • Online issuing of RFI’s, Actions, Minutes, Deadlines and schedules with action tracking, reminding and online response ability.

OnSiteIMS Mobile™

App allows any smartphone anywhere (iOS, BB OS or Android OS) to seemlessly integrate with OnSiteIMS Online.

Allowing the issuing of general instructions, Site Instruction, RFI’s, inspection requests, project or site actions and any Inspection list or quality log. The built in camera on the device allows for the instant capture of photo or video for attaching to instructions, inspection items or queries issued via the device.

  • Online issuing and real-time tracking of all Quality and Inspection lists on the project. OnSiteIMS Mobile™ is available for issuing Quality and Inspection Lists while walking the contract with photos attached. (Instant PDF submission, see below).